Dentistry Information

Tooth wear is dependent on several factors:

  • Age and breed of the horse
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Abnormal emastication (chewing) due to trauma, abscesses, tumors, or arthritis in the temporal mandibular joint.
  • Conformation or abnormal occlusion between the upper and lower tooth arcade.
  • Diet (Hay vs. pasture, pellet vs. whole grains).
  • All of these problems can contribute to riding or behavior issues (e.g. head tossing, circling better in one way compared to the other, or excessive chewing or salivating with the bit), nutritional or weight problems, emastication (chewing) issues (e. g. Grain or hay falling out of the mouth).

If any of these are noticed or you may think that your horse has a mouth or tooth issue please feel free to contact Dr. Strain to schedule an appointment or to discuss your horse with him.

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