Purchase Exam

At Strain Equine we offer pre-purchase exams at the clinic or on the farm if the facility provides adequate areas for the examination. The pre-purchase can include the following depending on how in depth the buyer would like to go:

Prepurchase Clinical and Moving Examination (Basic Prepurchase)

The clinical examination begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the horse’s respiratory, cardiovascular, oral exam, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal systems. During the moving evaluation, the horse will be examined at a walk and trot on a firm surface, and lunged at the walk, trot and canter in both directions on the lunge line. A neurological exam will also be performed. In addition, flexions of the forelimbs and hind limbs will be evaluated. Under the direction of the veterinarian, the horse may be observed under saddle; therefore, we recommend bringing tack to the pre-purchase examination.

Digital Radiographic Examination:

Following the moving examination, the horse will proceed to Radiology if requested. It is recommended in our comprehensive pre-purchase examination, to remove the horse’s front shoes in order to obtain the best quality radiographs of the front feet. Exceptions will need to be discussed with the veterinarian performing the examination. Radiographs may be indicated depending on the clinical and moving evaulation, along with intended discipline of the horse. Digital radiographs can be provided upon request on a USB.

Other Tests that can be provided include:

  • Coggins Test
  • CBC (Complete Blood Count): A CBC: one of the most common blood tests performed to help diagnose various infections or other abnormal conditions of the body.
  • Chemistry (Blood work): A blood chemistry panel provides additional information concerning muscle enzymes, kidney, liver and other organ function.
  • Drug Screen: The drug screen bloodwork is sent out to a lab; therefore, results are often not available for at least 5-7 working days. We do not recommend storing serum for drug screen to be performed at a later date, as the testable medications may deteriorate in the sample and not provide accurate results
  • Video Endoscopy: Provides direct visual examination of the upper respiratory tract and helps enable diagnosis of such conditions as: laryngeal hemiplegia, arypepiglottic entrapment, pharyngeal cysts and lymphoid hyperplasia.
  • Health Certificate: for out of state horses
  • Insurance Exam

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